• Transportation from/to Al Wasil by 4WD 10 OMR
  • Overnight in the Bedouin house 20 OMR / person
  • Meal at the Bedouin house (breakfast, lunch or dinner) 5 OMR / person
  • Camel riding short (30 minutes)  10 OMR / person
  • Camel riding long (3 hours)  45 OMR / person
  • Sunset on the dunes by car 10 OMR / person
  • Visit the animal farm, goats, sheeps, camels, rabbits 10 OMR / person
  • Find the animal tracks in the desert 20 OMR / person


You can book our offers in a package as example:

1 night stay

  • Sunset on the dunes
  • Traditional dinner at the Bedouin house
  • overnight in the Bedouin house
  • Breakfast
  • following the animal tracks

Price 120 OMR / 2 person

For further information or personal questions please contact us.


Adventurous camel trip

8 days (7 nights) Camel trip to the sea

  • Transportation from Al Wasil by 4WD (midday)
  • Lunch at the Bedouin house in the desert
  • Visit the animal farm, goats, sheeps, camels, rabbits
  • Dinner
  • Sleeping in the Bedouin house
  • Breakfast
  • Adventurous camel riding through the desert to the sea. You are allways guided by Bedouins. This is a 7 days trip to the coast. You will sleep and eat somewhere in the desert for 7 days, 6 nights. On day 8 you will be at the coast and there the trip will be over

Total price  1080 OMR / person

Total price for 2 person 1620 OMR

If needed: Transport by car back to Al Wasil: 100 OMR


In case of any question, don’t hesitate to contact us through the contactform. I’ll be glad to help you.
Although living in the desert means no internet connection, I check my mail once a day. I would truly appreciate if I can count on your understanding when you don’t get an instant reply. Thank you in advance.


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