Hi, I’m Bader, an Omani Bedouin. Together with my family I’d love to welcome you in our desert house. A house like the one we used to live when moving from one place to another.

A couple of years ago, part of the Sultanate of Oman was badly hit by a cyclone. Living in a desert house became very dangerous, particularly with two small children. Now, we prefer to live in a brick house. Together with my 11 brothers and sisters, we created our own family settlement in the stunning Sharqiya (Wahiba) Sands. A 15 km 4WD ride from Al Wasil.

Did you always wanted to know how living in a Bedouin house is like? Sleeping in the desert, and surrounded by wonderful sand dunes, camels, goats, sand fish and lizards?
Don’t hesitate… the desert house, located just 1 km away from our settlement, can be yours.

We look forward to welcoming you 🙂


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