Bedouin desert house

You always wanted to know how it’s like to live in a Bedouin house? To sleep in the desert, surrounded by wonderful sand dunes, camels, goats, sand fish and lizards. Don’t hesitate, our desert house, located on 1 km of our settlement, can be yours. Continue reading “Bedouin desert house”


As an extra we can show you our goats, sheep and camels. You will be surprised to see how greedy they become when we arrive with fresh water and grass or barley. You will also feel the curiosity and love that our camels will give you. Continue reading “Animal farm”


Into discovering the desert in a 4WD?
We’d love to be your guide or driver and let you enjoy dusk or dawn in the majestic dunes. We can also make a full day jeep trip with a lunch break under a desert tree. Or we can guide you on a 5 to 6 hours desert crossing drive towards the sea. Continue reading “Dune-driving”

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